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Hugo-theme-docdock defines two types of pages. Default and Slide.

  • Default is the common page like the current one you are reading.
  • Slide is a page that use the full screen to display its markdown content as a reveals.js presentation.
  • HomePage is a special content that will be displayed as home page content.

To tell Hugo-theme-docdock to consider a page as a slide, just add a type="slide"in then frontmatter of your file. read more on page as slide

Hugo-theme-docdock provides archetypes to help you create this kind of pages.

Front Matter

Each Hugo page has to define a Front Matter in yaml, toml or json.

Hugo-theme-docdock uses the following parameters on top of the existing ones :

# Creator's Display name
creatordisplayname = "Valere JEANTET"
# Creator's Email
creatoremail = ""
# LastModifier's Display name
lastmodifierdisplayname = "Valere JEANTET"
# LastModifier's Email
lastmodifieremail = ""
# Type of content, set "slide" to display it fullscreen with reveal.js

# Menu configuration
# page identifier (when empty menu entry will not display for this page)
# identifier of the parent's page (when empty, page will be attached to rootpage)
# Order page menu entry
weight = 1 


Hugo provides a flexible way to handle order for your pages.

The simplest way is to use weight parameter in the front matter of your page.

Be aware that weight are applied separately for each menu level.

Read more on content organization